New COMPOUND version out now!

I've never used the devlog feature; I don't know what I'm doing!


  • New starting area: the player's apartment. You can set your difficulty and get used to the controls here before jumping into danger. Eventually I would like it to become an area where you select your staring loadout, etc. and be much more interactive
  • Main menu with various options
    •  Trackpad movement option available and made default
    •  Legacy 'Hold & point' option still available
    •  Configurable controls
    •  Comfort mode; disables locomotion and bumping into walls
    •  Ability to change handedness
    •  Settings saved across sessions
  •  Rift-specific controls (I don't have a Rift so please tell me if they make sense. Sorry; no manual rotate feature implemented yet)
  • First round is a 'warmup' round with no robots and reduced enemies. Robots appear, map increases in size, and enemies increase in number after each win
  • Explosive barrels
  • Player has *very* short time of invincibility after recieving damage to avoid insta-death scenarios
  • HUD / map overhaul
    •  Easier to focus on
    •  Items show up on map
    •  Max magazines locked to 9 (for now)
    •  Map embedded in HUD
  •  New drop system; health will only drop if player is not at max health. Chance increases as health gets lower. Same with ammo
  • Grabbing reworked; mostobjects can no longer be pushed through walls


  • Robot behaviour changed; no longer have perfect x-ray after seeing player once, get briefly 'stunned' after taking damage
  • Tank tracks on secutiry robots are animated
  • Better damage feedback on robots
  • Limit on enemies per room to mitigate bad RNG
  • Easy by default
  • Drops last longer
    • Drops on easy never disappear
  • Smaller collision area for player's head
  • Pistol overheating nerfed on easy and medium difficulty
  • Various bullet speeds rebalanced
  • Player will be teleported back into level if they manage to get out due to tracking error, etc
  • Enemies pushed out of level will die to prevent never-ending levels


  • Fixed game breaking bug where the 'hard' bottle could not be smashed
  • SMG magazine no longer acts strangely when teleporting mid-reload


  • Very occasionally the map will spawn without enemies, causing an instant win. Will add failsafe soonish.
  • Very occasionally, on the first time running the game after a new install, the default Rift control layout will be loaded instead of the Vive one for Vive users. Please contact me if you can reliably replicate this issue as I can't pin the cause down.


Jul 08, 2017



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Wow! As a fellow VR dev, my hat is off to you for having such a polished demo! I'd LOVE to know how you prevent the players head from clipping through the walls!