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I found an Exploit...

Right Here

Thank you for taking the time to upload this video for me. This will be fixed soon! :D Please continue the great work and tell me about anything else you stumble across in this or future updates.

Have a great day!

I come visit this page every DAY just to see if the new update has come out, I am super excited because this is one of the best action VR games out there!

Thank you! Sorry there isn't some kind of notification system -the upcoming version will be integrated with Steam and should autoupdate so hopefully that will make things easier

Pretty much every time I boot up the Vive I play this game. It's really well executed and provides a lot of fun and replayability. It really rewards you for skill competency, and the random layout makes you to think twice about rushing in. That mixture of stealth and marksmanship makes for a really intense experience! I also love how the SMG works. When you're in an intense fight and you need to reload you duck behind cover and try as fast as you can to snap that clip in place. The ping! is super satisfying, knowing that now you're ready to get back in and wreck some robots. My only complaint about the game is that I'm vegan so I don't feel compelled to eat any burgers I find on the ground. The rest of the experience, from mechanics to aesthetics, I enjoy greatly. Brilliant work!

Thank you very much! Hopefully the upcoming update will add some much needed variety. It won't be long until I can get to work on new weapons, enemies and maps. And the 'ping!' was inspired by those old WWII rifles.

And about the burgers - it doesn't say explicitly anywhere that the burgers are made from real meat. It's a dystopian future so you can use your imagination. Maybe it's lab grown or maybe all food is reconstituted protein made too look like familiar 20th century foods? Maybe in this future eating real meat was outlawed because it wasn't economically sustainable?

The upcoming update (and most of the ones after) will add little world building details that show you what kind of future this is. The story will never be explicitly explained, though, only hinted at though objects in the world, so you can imagine the world outside the compound walls to be whatever you like (and it saves on development time! :P)

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Have a good one!

Super pumped for the hard mode update. Game was tough my first few times through, but now it's easy. Really looking forward to getting murdered by robots!

And I look forward to adding all sorts of new ways to murder you! :)

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Another speed round...the action starts right away but the real fun begins around the :30 mark. No hits until after 2mins.

That is some intense trigger pulling! :) can see me start to get tired during the big fire fight.

Hi, NotDead - I'm a really big fan of Compound VR. The first time I tried it, I immediately forced a bunch of my friends to try it, as well. :) You've really nailed something compelling in the difficulty and the simplicity of the game. I work with a number of projects in VR. Probably one of the most well known of those is a game called QuiVr - it's an archery tower defense game that has been doing fairly well since we launched. Mainly this post is to say how cool I think Compound VR is. But also, I was wondering if there's some way I could connect with you directly? I'm interested in meeting people doing cool things in VR, and Compound VR really feels like it has a lot of potential. I couldn't find any way to PM through itch, though. :) Do you have a Reddit account or some easy way to PM you, by any chance?

Thanks, either way, and good luck. Keep up the great work. :)

Hello! Of course I know QuiVr - I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone who *hasn't* heard of QuiVr!

And thank you very much; It means a lot to hear compliments from a successful VR dev like yourself. :D

My user name on Reddit is 'gennoveus'. Feel free to message me there!

Perfect. I'll reach out later today. :) Thanks again.

Fired you a message just a second ago. :) I'm VagueMountain on Reddit, by thy way. Looking forward to chatting.

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Love this game and for fun I challenge myself to speed rounds using only the pistol without stopping and no health pickups.


Nice! Are you ready for hard mode? Should only be another week or 2 now! I can't wait to show off the difficulty menu; it's so stupid I love it.

Can't wait!

Hey dude, love your game as always. here to report a few exploits i found using the same trick. Not sure if you are already aware. here's a link to an unlisted video on youtube i put up for you. I didn't play with the exploit too much so I might be able to further abuse it. Was able to clip out of bounds.

Thank you! Excellent bug hunting. This will be fixed for the next update, but there are sure to be new bugs. If you find any, please let me know. I never thought of doing something like this! Thanks again!

No problem dude. Im gonna try to position myself on top of the wall and walk out of bounds. Theres a couple other things i wanted to try so ill let you know. keep up the good work


The graphics are great, but the game is unplayable. I've had some limited success resorting to blind fire around corners, but even that doesn't work when getting ambushed trying to go through doors. Please change at least one of the following to make it less annoying:

- enemies have 0 second reaction time

- enemies have perfect aim

- enemies have a lot of health

- the smg takes too long to reload to be useful

- smg clips are short

- health doesn't spawn nearly as often as smg ammo, which I don't use anyway

- there's almost no cover

- dying means starting all over

Some people like grinding, repeating the same level, in order to find the best way through it. I don't like that. And it doesn't even work when the level changes every time you die. Great concept, but as is, it doesn't work.

Adding some features to help me see where I am in the room might be nice, since the chaparone doesn't seem to work in this game.

Adding walkabout locomotion might be nice too.


there is walkabout locomotion...just hold grip. If the games not for you its not for you. This game fits a certain style. The developer is looking to make the game to that style. "smg takes too long to reload" sounds like you're just lazy. it takes half a second to reload for me and its fun. and very useful. "no cover" thats a joke too. come on man it feels like you were just looking for ways to complain. if the enemies have 0 reaction time why are you getting ambushed going through doors? Enemies take one shot in the head to kill and 4 to the body. thats ANY other shooter. Way too picky dude.

"but the game is unplayable."
Are we playing the same game?

It sounds like you want an easy mode- he's working on that. So, you should keep posted for that.

It's not the game it's the player. Check out my video above...

Ouch! Pretty harsh, but you have some valid points worth addressing.

First, please know that this game is a response to the majority of VR games on the market now that are very 'casual.' Some of my favourite games can be classified as casual, but at the same time I wanted to play something targeted at 'hardcore' gamers and nothing like that really existed so I started this project. That being said, game balancing is hard and this is still a prototype. Some things are going to change. Let's go over some of your feedback:

- enemies have 0 second reaction time

I can see how you would think that as the reaction times are short. The soldiers have to face you and raise their arms up to you before they can start shooting. The robots have an even longer reaction time of 1.5 seconds of their first time seeing you, and about half that on subsequent times. I have difficulty setting implemented in my dev build but at the moment easy difficulty just gives you more health (5 hearts instead of 3). Increased reaction times have been added to my TODO list for easy mode.

- enemies have perfect aim

Robots have perfect aim but the humans actually have poor, randomized aim. Bullet also move slowly so you can dodge them. (For those players who wanted an ever harder version: bullets in hard mode move at double speed!)

- enemies have a lot of health

Robots have A LOT of health, true. But! Shooting them in the cameras deals TRIPLE damage and they will do down in about 5 shots. Soldiers will die with one shot to the head. I may make robots weaker for easy mode.

- the smg takes too long to reload to be useful

This is a subjective thing so I cannot say that you are wrong, however; with practice my friends, my wife, and I are all able to reload in battle without needing to look, provided you play the game for a while to get the muscle memory for it.

- health doesn't spawn nearly as often as smg ammo, which I don't use anyway

Fair enough. Easy mode will also add more pickups. On the same note, hard mode will make drops less common.

- there's almost no cover

True! This is an issue in the currently available public build but the new version I'm about to release has cover all over the place. Hopefully this will be an improvement.

- dying means starting all over

Correct! This game will be a permadeath roguelike, eventually. Unfortunately it lacks a lot of the other roguelike elements so at the moment it might seem very harsh.

- chaparone doesn't seem to work in this game

Really? That sounds like a bug, I've never heard of this happening on anyone else's system. What HMD are you using? I would like to fix that issue as it sounds game-breaking.

- Adding walkabout locomotion might be nice too.

Artificial locomotion works with the grip controllers, and other movement options will come in an update (onward style controls + configurable buttons)

Maybe try again after the next update?

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dood please sign off, im sorry but just because the game is hard for YOU doesnt mean it needs to be made easier to cater to your needs. Cmon dood if he made this game easier it would not be fun. And the game is not unplayable just cause you suck. NotDead dont listen to this noob you have a great game DONT change it keep going forward.

I love this game, it's the best locomotion system ever. Is there a chance for a multiplayer mod in the future? that would be fun as hell :D

Thank you!

About multiplayer ... maybe eventually? Coop would be fun and deathmatch could work, too. It depends on a lot of factors, but TBH finishing a single player campaign with a full range of weapons, enemies, maps, abilities, and bosses is my first priority.

It's high on my list of "nice to have but not sure about" features.

If a multiplayer Deathmatch system is added, can there be an option to disable teleporting, previous multiplayer vive games have just had people teleporting around and murdering everyone without even giving them a chance, but the locomotion seems a lot more fair.

Oh, I never thought of that issue before. Outright banning teleport will make the game unplayable for people who get motion sickness easily. Maybe seperate them?

Multiplayer would be insane...someday hopefully!!

I have been looking for a game like this since I got my vive. I look forward to updates!


One of my favorite vr games, honestly it is

Thanks for the video! Sorry about the dudes clipping into the walls; should be fixed by the next update. BTW, if you are having trouble with the robots: shoot their side cameras for triple damage! They go down pretty quickly.

Looking at your video makes me realize how much my version of the game has changed since the last release. The levels aren't repetitive like this anymore - I'm aiming to release the next version the weekend after this upcoming one.

Thank you!

Haha, my pleasure! I had a blast making the video. Ohhhh, so that's their sweet spot- got it! Haha, so awesome, I can't wait to try it out! I loved the Wolfenstein vibe, and how you at the same time created something original with a lot of charm. Funny enough though, I remembered playing halo 1's multiplayer on like that prisoner map during my play through. It'd be way cool being able to play this with basic pvp! haha. Thanks for the awesome game, can't wait to try out the update!


Who else made an account just to post on this one game. Lol Cause I did.

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I did lol

Awwwww, you guys! You are awesome.

I did too!

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The only game I could compare this too would be Arizona Sunshine which is one of the best games out there. I would love to try it with your locomotion system...maybe someone out there can make a mod.

In my opinion your system of movement is the by far the most fluid and I hope more games take your lead.

Can't wait for updates.

This game is phenomenal. Literally the best game I've played in VR so far. Any hints as to what will be in the next update?

Thank you!!

The update is coming very soon! All I need to do now is add the long promised difficulty settings, enemy footstep and aggro sounds, do a few housekeeping tasks, and squash 7 bugs.

The sewer maps have had a total overhaul and are pretty much done for now. Once the current update is finished, I'll start work on the next level with new enemies and weapons to play with. :D

Awesome! Looking forward to it!

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YES! I want new levels. You should consider and easy make your own level thing where we snap together rooms and have a list of furnitures and asthetics, npcs.. etc to add to each room chunk, I could see awomse levels being made and that would help you out too cause ppl would essentially make levels for you so the game would always be interesting. Either way this game is still amazing and looking forward to update keep us posted.

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Love it. Really looking forward to more. This is the best VR game.

Thank you! Update coming soon!

I've been trying to invent metagames to make the game more interesting since this is still one of my favorite VR games. I've tried crawling through the map. I've stayed in one place and did nothing but dodge the shots from 3 dudes (man my legs were sore the next day!) My favorite thing to do so far is to walk up behind enemies that haven't spotted me and reach out with my hands and pretend to snap their neck. Try it sometime, it's lots of fun! Consider adding it to the game :)

OK, I added neck snapping to my list of game mechanics to investigate! Sorry updates have been slow, my Vive broke, was in hospital (unrelated events, not a VR accident!) - all sorts of various dramas but the update is nearly done. Also - Steam integration!

Oh man, hope you're ok! Your username is very accurate! I can't wait for the next release :D

Your awsome dood, this game is amazing and wish you the best.

I love the visual style. The automatic locomotion + environment + tactics makes it very immersive. I like the submachine gun reload because that weapon is very overpowered. If you add magazine reloads to the pistol, I think it should be pretty easy and quick to do, maybe a bigger magazine in that case too.

BTW playing on Oculus + Touch, 2 sensor 360 degree standing room setup and it works very well.

Dude your game is freaking awesome. Expand the crap out of this, people will buy the crap out of this, and I will play the crap out of this.

I think adding enemy footsteps would prevent them sneaking up behind you

Also love the reloading mechanics on the new gun, love the realism putting a clip in, honestly wouldnt mind that for the pistol as well. It makes the game much more tactical like that, hiding behind a wall trying to slip your clip into your gun before the next guy shows his face, amazing.


This is my absolute favorite game for the vive, I really think the if you added a simple way to create your own maps like just grid based we select premade and stuff or you could have a tool for people to make their own maps, models, all types of things. I see ppl remodeling the game to look like doom, cool halo models, all types of things that would make this game a must have and you could do a full release and i would definatley pay money for that. I would pay alot to have a game like this with mod support and a good dev base adding stuff like you have.

Hey, this is incredible! For me, the absolute best free game on VR. Seriously respect you a lot man. I made an account on here because I notice a small glitch that should be easy to fix. When you die, the ammo on the SMG stays at where it was when you died. This is probably just because the ammo var is not being reset to full. Anyway, can't wait to see more progression.

I really like the overall Style of the Game. My biggest concern is movement. Have you played Onward. They use the Touchpad to denote the WASD but its based on the direction the controller is facing. So if i point the controller to the left and press forward i move Left, if i then press right, i move Forward (the way Im Facing). It allows you to Still have the controller in front of you while strafing and moving. so you can use your hand to do other things still. And doubletap to Run..


Wow, this is amazing. I'm really looking forward to the future of this game.

I really love this game

Fun little game, looking forward to see what it becomes!

I would say it is not too hard - i beat it on my first try pistol only. Missed how to use the SMG. I tried using the SMG my second time through and it took me ages to figure out how to reload it (mostly aligning the clip on top was what I was missing).

Hey a few notes

1. I love the overall art style of your game.

2. The Link to your musicians sound cloud does not work.

3. Keep on rocking! \m/


The Artist previously known as Max Thadius is now called SPEEDBLACK. I fixed the link. Thanks for pointing that out!


I wanted to chime in to say I personally love the current locomotion controls and do not get any nausea from them. Really looking forward to the next build. As to the SMG, I kind of like it complicated. I would love a stealth knife kill mechanic in the game presented when you sneak up behind guards. Adding some verticality to the game with stairs and multi-level rooms/outdoor areas similar to DOOM could add a lot to the game. I love the artstyle, reminds me a bit of retrowave/synthwave/darksynth 80s retro techno vibe that musicians like Carpenter Brut\Perturbator have going on.

Just finished playing this and I must say it is absolutely awesome. I think you nailed the feeling of the SMG as it feels like a real life reload whilst also keeping it fast and arcady. The locomotion fits the game perfectly and I didn't experience any nausia at all. I think this is exactly how half life 2 in vr should play.

How can contact to the developers ?

Sorry! Here I am! Hello!

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This is really awesome, definitely keep the SMG as it is, it's very tactile and enjoyable to reload. I especially like how it's possible to reload on the move also.

EDIT: want to add, I really appreciate the decision to not have dual wielding! So far the two weapons have a lot of differentiation in where I choose to use them. Whatever the third weapon is, I hope keeps up this trend and has it's own set of "best use-cases" that the sidearm and SMG currently don't fulfill.

Also, for once, the sidearm really makes sense to switch to when I have to reload the SMG, whereas in a lot of other games, that advice is usually just a random loading screen hint.


Short and sweet! Love the nostalgia feel with this one. It's like Doom; like BEING the Doom Guy. Can't wait to see how this turns out!

For what it's worth, the SMG mechanics are a bit too much. At least for beginners. Hold the left trigger and insert the magazine, that's not so bad. But releasing the rails with the right touch pad just throws me off, especially in the heat of battle.

Your artificial locomotion is excellent! Works very well, and I didn't feel any nausea. And lastly, the music fits in very nicely. Love it.

Amazing start; Definitely worth to keep working on this and make it something more than a hobby project. Maybe better to start a bit easier in the first few rooms and then ramp up the difficulty as you get further, but really looking forward to seeing where this is going.

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Your locomotion system is by FAR the best I've experienced.... should seriously patent much better than the teleport. Most vr games I'll play for a few minutes but this one kept me in for over an hour. Every corner was new and different. You've nailed it...a perfect blend between human reaction and 3d movement.

Only suggestion I would make would be to make the reloading of the smg quicker and easier....keep the grabbing of the clip but lose the secondary click to pop the metal clasp. I get why it's there but it's great when you're totally sucked in and you don't think about the mechanics.

My overall would be to make smg reloading easier and the bots harder. JMO....'

Big thanks to Epyx911 for the game vid and recomendation...can't wait to see whats next.

Thanks! But wouldn't patenting it stop other devs from being able to use it? I would like to sell my finished game one day, but I don't want to gain money at the cost of hurting the VR game industry and get labeled a patent troll in the process. I'd be happy to explain my locomotion process to any dev who asks.

Gave a good one! :)

Absolutely...I meant it as a figure of speech. I just hope more games take note because this is the most intuitive and fluid motion system out there. I've played this game over and over whereas others get boring after 5 or 10mins. Get a kickstarter or something going because you've seriously struck gold and the vr industry needs to take note as to what makes a good game.

Thanks for the reply!

First for the negative stuff: I can't start a kickstarter for a bunch of reasons, one being that I am not American and live outside of the U.S./Canada. Also, I am an immigrant to the country I live in and I can't quit my job and work on the game full time as my visa doesn't allow it.

But! Silver lining: I sent an email to Valve today about getting COMPOUND on Steam with the upcoming update. Not sure if it will get approved but it's a start. It will be free but I might consider early access when it is more mature and there is more content.

Even without any financial help I'll be working on it for a long time to come so don't worry about that. Again, thank you so much for the encouragement!

There's so many people who already love this game and are wanting to give you money for it. I think you'd be really losing out by offering it for free. I'm not sure what the currency is where you are but I'd be happy to pay at least £10 in it's current form. Even if you put it on Steam at $5 or £3 it would be an absolute steal and people will be more than happy to pay it. I have still yet to see a single person that doesn't love this game.

Also I Think the challenging gameplay sets this apart from a lot of the other vr games out there its like the dark souls of vr.

It would be cool if when you pulled the triggers on controllers the gun triggers moved also

Good point! Will have to add this on one of the 'polish' passes

(1 edit) (+1)

Love this game, great work. I had to play until I won. Thank you for putting "you won" in the game!

My requests: I like the point to move artificial locomotion *as is* so consider this a vote to keep that feature.

SMG burst 3 round mode, more acurate?

Burger auto pick up when you need a bite mid fire fight? I do like shoving them in my face though... so torn.

A suggestion to consider: The pistol "could" have a bullet time emergency mode where everything slows down and the gun gets super accurate and powerful. You can't teleport or locomote but you can dodge in your play area.

Any way great game I can't wait till I can give you some money for your hard work when this has some more content. Speaking of... how hard would it be to have a map maker so people can grow the content? I'd love to contribute if I could.

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