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Hey, this is incredible! For me, the absolute best free game on VR. Seriously respect you a lot man. I made an account on here because I notice a small glitch that should be easy to fix. When you die, the ammo on the SMG stays at where it was when you died. This is probably just because the ammo var is not being reset to full. Anyway, can't wait to see more progression.

I really like the overall Style of the Game. My biggest concern is movement. Have you played Onward. They use the Touchpad to denote the WASD but its based on the direction the controller is facing. So if i point the controller to the left and press forward i move Left, if i then press right, i move Forward (the way Im Facing). It allows you to Still have the controller in front of you while strafing and moving. so you can use your hand to do other things still. And doubletap to Run..


Wow, this is amazing. I'm really looking forward to the future of this game.

I really love this game

Fun little game, looking forward to see what it becomes!

I would say it is not too hard - i beat it on my first try pistol only. Missed how to use the SMG. I tried using the SMG my second time through and it took me ages to figure out how to reload it (mostly aligning the clip on top was what I was missing).

Hey a few notes

1. I love the overall art style of your game.

2. The Link to your musicians sound cloud does not work.

3. Keep on rocking! \m/


The Artist previously known as Max Thadius is now called SPEEDBLACK. I fixed the link. Thanks for pointing that out!


I wanted to chime in to say I personally love the current locomotion controls and do not get any nausea from them. Really looking forward to the next build. As to the SMG, I kind of like it complicated. I would love a stealth knife kill mechanic in the game presented when you sneak up behind guards. Adding some verticality to the game with stairs and multi-level rooms/outdoor areas similar to DOOM could add a lot to the game. I love the artstyle, reminds me a bit of retrowave/synthwave/darksynth 80s retro techno vibe that musicians like Carpenter Brut\Perturbator have going on.

Just finished playing this and I must say it is absolutely awesome. I think you nailed the feeling of the SMG as it feels like a real life reload whilst also keeping it fast and arcady. The locomotion fits the game perfectly and I didn't experience any nausia at all. I think this is exactly how half life 2 in vr should play.

How can contact to the developers ?

Sorry! Here I am! Hello!

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This is really awesome, definitely keep the SMG as it is, it's very tactile and enjoyable to reload. I especially like how it's possible to reload on the move also.

EDIT: want to add, I really appreciate the decision to not have dual wielding! So far the two weapons have a lot of differentiation in where I choose to use them. Whatever the third weapon is, I hope keeps up this trend and has it's own set of "best use-cases" that the sidearm and SMG currently don't fulfill.

Also, for once, the sidearm really makes sense to switch to when I have to reload the SMG, whereas in a lot of other games, that advice is usually just a random loading screen hint.


Short and sweet! Love the nostalgia feel with this one. It's like Doom; like BEING the Doom Guy. Can't wait to see how this turns out!

For what it's worth, the SMG mechanics are a bit too much. At least for beginners. Hold the left trigger and insert the magazine, that's not so bad. But releasing the rails with the right touch pad just throws me off, especially in the heat of battle.

Your artificial locomotion is excellent! Works very well, and I didn't feel any nausea. And lastly, the music fits in very nicely. Love it.

Amazing start; Definitely worth to keep working on this and make it something more than a hobby project. Maybe better to start a bit easier in the first few rooms and then ramp up the difficulty as you get further, but really looking forward to seeing where this is going.

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Your locomotion system is by FAR the best I've experienced.... should seriously patent much better than the teleport. Most vr games I'll play for a few minutes but this one kept me in for over an hour. Every corner was new and different. You've nailed it...a perfect blend between human reaction and 3d movement.

Only suggestion I would make would be to make the reloading of the smg quicker and easier....keep the grabbing of the clip but lose the secondary click to pop the metal clasp. I get why it's there but it's great when you're totally sucked in and you don't think about the mechanics.

My overall would be to make smg reloading easier and the bots harder. JMO....'

Big thanks to Epyx911 for the game vid and recomendation...can't wait to see whats next.

Thanks! But wouldn't patenting it stop other devs from being able to use it? I would like to sell my finished game one day, but I don't want to gain money at the cost of hurting the VR game industry and get labeled a patent troll in the process. I'd be happy to explain my locomotion process to any dev who asks.

Gave a good one! :)

Absolutely...I meant it as a figure of speech. I just hope more games take note because this is the most intuitive and fluid motion system out there. I've played this game over and over whereas others get boring after 5 or 10mins. Get a kickstarter or something going because you've seriously struck gold and the vr industry needs to take note as to what makes a good game.

Thanks for the reply!

First for the negative stuff: I can't start a kickstarter for a bunch of reasons, one being that I am not American and live outside of the U.S./Canada. Also, I am an immigrant to the country I live in and I can't quit my job and work on the game full time as my visa doesn't allow it.

But! Silver lining: I sent an email to Valve today about getting COMPOUND on Steam with the upcoming update. Not sure if it will get approved but it's a start. It will be free but I might consider early access when it is more mature and there is more content.

Even without any financial help I'll be working on it for a long time to come so don't worry about that. Again, thank you so much for the encouragement!

There's so many people who already love this game and are wanting to give you money for it. I think you'd be really losing out by offering it for free. I'm not sure what the currency is where you are but I'd be happy to pay at least £10 in it's current form. Even if you put it on Steam at $5 or £3 it would be an absolute steal and people will be more than happy to pay it. I have still yet to see a single person that doesn't love this game.

Also I Think the challenging gameplay sets this apart from a lot of the other vr games out there its like the dark souls of vr.

It would be cool if when you pulled the triggers on controllers the gun triggers moved also

Good point! Will have to add this on one of the 'polish' passes

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Love this game, great work. I had to play until I won. Thank you for putting "you won" in the game!

My requests: I like the point to move artificial locomotion *as is* so consider this a vote to keep that feature.

SMG burst 3 round mode, more acurate?

Burger auto pick up when you need a bite mid fire fight? I do like shoving them in my face though... so torn.

A suggestion to consider: The pistol "could" have a bullet time emergency mode where everything slows down and the gun gets super accurate and powerful. You can't teleport or locomote but you can dodge in your play area.

Any way great game I can't wait till I can give you some money for your hard work when this has some more content. Speaking of... how hard would it be to have a map maker so people can grow the content? I'd love to contribute if I could.

Great game concept, enjoying it so far, but please consider adding left stick/trackpad locomotion.

Thanks. That (optional) feature will come in time; it's a common request :)


Hm, I start the game and got stuck instantly in something. Same bug every time I start the game.

Eek, first time I've heard of this one. Can you give me more details by what you mean by 'stuck'? Can you not move OR teleport? Where are you stuck?

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This game is seriously awesome. Love the style and the gameplay works brilliantly. Can't wait to see more of it :)

EDIT: wanted to go into more detail. The controls for the SMG are brilliant, you've nailed the mechanical feel of it; pinging off the rails after reloading feels so satisfying too.

I would love to see an assault rifle of some kind with similar reloading mechanic to the SMG

Just a suggestion to the "comfort and quality of life" update, would be to slow down the game when holding down the teleport button and a bit of a slow down for a short time after teleporting, this would not only make teleportation easier, but also feel awesome with a bullet time effect in Virtual Reality. This implementation wouldn't just make teleportation easy, but would also inspire a combination strategy of teleports and locomotion when playing the game on a harder difficulty. This game is already feels awesome with popping the SMG rails and shooting down whole crowds, but the relocation system probably needs a re-work. Also a delay to teleportation would probably be a good thing.

I agree the teleportation mechanic hasn't got much love. Those are good suggestions I'll look into. Thanks!

For me the difficulty is pretty much too high and im got killed af lots (mostly by the robots), but the game its self is cool and nice.

But rather than change the difficulty, you could let the player choice by the starting of the number of stars in the beginning as a option (3,5,7 or 9), until the player got experimented for the game. Property the easiest way to do that.

Its the first locomotion game im have played (rather than teleport), its a great game to learn that if you ask me.

Also im also confirm its works pretty much perfectly with Rift & Touch, as only the instructions in the beginning require changed to the touch controllers (as all ready wrote in game). No button remapping fells required.

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This game.... is.... FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!! This game is so much fun that its BAD that it's so GOOD, I loved EVERYTHING about this game! The visuals, the music, the audio, the way the enemys move, the way they die, the way the smg goes *PING* when you reload it, the little metal parts flying off it, etFUCKINcetera man!! This little project you have here is something truly special and i seriously encourage you to keep working on this project cause when this baby hits steam you know imma be putting down 30 bucks for this game it is that good. the ONLY gripe that i have about this game is the locomotion. after playing that game for 5 minutes my fingers were starting to cramp after holding down the grip button for so long, i would recommend that you set it up so that the trackpad moves your character via locomotion, maybe have an options screen that can change it to that preference. all in all great game I can not wait to see what you do with this game. *EDIT* After rereading what you were asking in the description I would have to say that the difficulty is pretty good, not too hard yet not too easy going, of course this might be different per user depending on whether or not they use teleporting or locomotion as locomotion is certainly more fluid and easier to dodge projectiles, i like the difficulty ramping over time idea however, also make ammo spawns a little less frequent, have it be like the difficulty, at first it's hard to come by ammo then once you get into more difficult areas have it spawn more often.

Wow thanks for the huge boost of confidence! Sorry about the cramping hand; I will be adding an option to remap the controls eventually so please hold on (pun intended!) until then. Thank you!!

Holy shit this awesome. Its like going back to the early 90's and playing a VR Wolf3d!!!!!!!!!!! The wall collisions kinda tripped me up a bit though.

Love the concept, art and music of this game. Had no problems getting this working in a Oculus RIft with Touch.

Only immediate feedback I have after a few play sessions is movement/locomotion.

It took a little getting used to and I found it awkward to impossible to strafe to dodge projectiles. I've played BAM VR and I find the free movement in that fairly intuitive and allows for strafing. The basic gist is: Look in the direction you want to move. Forward and backward on the controller move you forward/back. Left and right are strafe left/right.

OMG is one of the best first person shouter than I played in VR. My best congrats to the team.

The only thing is that the procedural creation of the enemies maybe must be in minor quantity.

When did you release the game in Steam??

Thank you! I will email Valve today and look into getting the next version on Steam as a free download or something.

I beat this earlier today and it's fantastic! I think the visual style works wonderfully in VR - I was skeptical of how good a low-fi aesthetic would be in a VR game, but it just looks so damn sharp! Out of all the unity-based VR games this one really pops like no other, and I can definitely see the Vlambeer

For the game, it started off brutally hard, but after a few tries I got the hang of kiting the robots back and knowing when to use the SMG/when to save it. After that the game became fairly straightforward and pretty easy.

I really liked how the SMG was cumbersome enough to reload that I couldn't do it in combat without finding cover first. It made the SMG feel more like a bomb in a shmup than a weapon to be used frequently.

Let me first say: I love this game! I just downloaded it and played through it five times. I'm playing on rift, and I didn't have any problems getting it to run.

A couple things I noticed that seem unintentional:

  • When I die or finish a game and go back to the "menu," my current SMG ammo doesn't seem to reset. So I get 4 spare clips, but whatever ammo I have IN THE GUN remains the same.
  • Dead enemies stop rendering before they get to the edge of my field of view. As I turn my head away from them, they disappear before they're out of line of sight and reappear after they're back in line of sight.

Some personal preference things:

  • I really wish it was harder. After dying the first time, I can now reliably beat it each time. Even if you end up in a room with multiple robots, you can avoid their shots by just moving around a bit. Maybe the projectiles should travel faster for some enemy weapon types?
  • I'm sure you have some settings on the horizon. One that would be VERY good for us Rift/Touch users is a barrel angle adjustment slider (like in Space Pirate Trainer, but with a wider range). Because of the difference in controller shapes from the vive's, pointing the gun feels a little awkward (it should be angled up more).
  • Just a little thing, but it would be cool to see the triggers move as you pull them.
  • The locomotion wasn't super intuitive for me; it might be worth putting something like "point in the direction you want to move" in the menu.

Some things I liked:

  • Holy crap, the art style. Absolutely gorgeous. The general styles of the models and environment, as well as the minimap and gun effects, are all amazing.
  • Reloading the SMG is SO SATISFYING. It takes some practice to be able to do it quickly or in battle, but that's probably a good thing. Clicking in the thumbstick and releasing the metal case around it ("ching!") feels so good, makes me smile every time.
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Thanks! Those are bugs will be gone in the next update. Also those requests noted: and those are all areas marked for improvement. Thanks for the feedback! (edited to fix spelling mistake)

holy shit this is awesome.

If you are asking for suggestions I have a rift with touch and I'm kind of stuck with forward facing action only. Could you add the ability to rotate with a thumb stick or a wrist flick or somthing?


Fantastic game. I can't wait to see what the early access release is like! Great job!

I see you're planning to nerf the robots, that's good. Easily the most frustrating thing is entering a room and seeing 3+ robots (then dying immediately).

I would also like to see a little more health refills, or bump it up to 5 hearts. Some of the people I've shown it to have gotten frustrated because of dying so quickly. They said it was like as soon as they were really getting into it they died, so I think 5 hearts would help a good bit with that feeling.

Great work so far...really looking forward to this!

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By far my favorite VR game yet. Why none of the others understand the ability to move this easy trumps dw pistols in a 5ft circle everyday i'll never know. I love the reloading mechanic on the SMG. First I tried firing from the corners of halls/doors but It's actually easier to just rush and try and circle the room if there are bots in it. by the way was it intended for me to be able to blow my brains out because i tried it and it works which pretty funny. As far a suggestions my only thought outside the obvious more stuff comment maybe walk a tad faster so I can try and dodge between shots better not really much of an issue sometimes to many bots firing at once ( my space isn't large enough to be diving around lol)

Very cool demo, I love the aesthetic. Have you thought about not ejecting the player when they get near the walls and instead fading out or something along those lines? I think it would make taking cover around corners/through doorways feel a bit better.

Thanks! And yes I have. I'm planning on making a 'comfort & quality of life' update that adds this plus I whole bunch of other suggested comfort features. :D

I really liked this game and it would be cool seeing more. My only issues i found after playing through a couple times is that for one, the pistol is fairly overpowered against the soldiers, i can just rapidfire until theyre all dead, no problem. My other problem is that the little robot drones sometimes overwhelm me and theres not much I can do about it, I was in one room with about 4 of them and it was about over the second I walked in the room. Just my two cents., otherwise awesome game, looking forward to more things being added.

Pistol (and probably robots) will be nerfed soon! Also more cover to help with dodging, etc. Thanks for the feedback!

Love the game! I've been playing it a ton!I thought it was really hard and physical reloading was hard, but after getting used to it I think it's the best. My biggest gripe is that this game is impossible to play using only teleportation. My girlfriend gets motion sickness and can't use the artificial locomotion. After trying teleporting myself, I realized that it's nearly impossible to dodge shots or to seek cover. The only way to avoid being shot if you don't have cover is to circle-strafe the enemies.

As far as bugs go, I've fallen through the floor a couple times when my tracking got whacky and the artificial locomotion sticks sometimes. I had the same thing happen in Vertigo. Also, all your clips get reset to 3 if you collect too many and beat the game :)

Keep up the great work! I can't wait to play more!

Thanks for the feedback! The game is balanced for locomotion first, so I agree it can be a bit tough on teleport players, but the upcoming update will have difficulty settings to help with that. Also cover will be in the next update so maybe that will help a bit there, too.

I hadn't come across the 'fall out of the level' bug through bad tracking before, I'll have to add it to the bug list!

About the locomotion sticking, I'm afraid it's an issue with the Vive controllers simply not sending the message that the grip has been released and I don't think I can fix it. Configurable controls are coming so you will be able to change the 'walk' button if you like when that comes out.

Thanks a lot! have a good weekend! :)

Ah, that explains why I have the same bug in multiple games! Please release a version where enemies randomly spawn on the opposite side of the map so I can play this game in endless mode while you work on it :D

Hi again!

Enemies already randomly spawn and the map is randomly generated; it's just not immediately obvious as all the rooms look pretty similar but there will be a lot more variety in the next update.

Or did I misunderstand you?

Hi again :) Yes you did, I mean *continually* spawn enemies so I never see the "You Win!" message :)

Oh, I see! Thanks for getting back to me about that. Not sure if I can deliver on the endless mode just yet, though ... sorry!


Ah, that explains why I have the same bug in multiple games! Please release a version where enemies randomly spawn on the opposite side of the map so I can play this game in endless mode while you work on it :D

"The game is balanced for locomotion first"

I actually thought it was way too easy with artificial locomotion, you can just mostly run and gun your way through, since the enemies basically can't hit you with their slow bullets, unless you're running straight at them. With teleport movement, you have to move carefully, use cover, blind fire around corners, and dodge shots by actually moving IRL. At first, it was *very* hard, but for me it was the fun kind of hard, where you immediately want to try again.

I really enjoyed playing this game! Lot's of VR games right now have you standing still and let the enemies come to you, so moving around was really fun. I'm sure that you will add many weapons, enemies and levels. I'm looking forward to the next update!

A few suggestions:

* The hallways feel kind of empty, maybe add some crates or barrels that you can use as cover

* Voice acting for the bad guys, something like 'he's over there' or 'enemy spotted' when they see you

* I feels kind of cheesy using the pistol with infinite ammo, maybe it should overheat if you fire it too quickly

Hi luuk!

Thanks! As for your suggestions, they are all things I'm working on :D It must mean I'm on the right track:

* Empty hallways: I already have a whole bunch of "clutter" and "cover" assets done, including crates (well, pallets of boxes) and barrels as well as lots of other stuff and am working on more every day. The next update will mainly be focused on making the levels less repetitive.

* Voice acting: I was recently donated a sound pack of voices for the guards with American English to make it sound 'proper' (I can't voice the guards with my weird accent and non-threatening voice) so I'll try that out. I agree that it certainly needs more audio feedback.

* Again, you are right about the pistol. I'm thinking of adding an overheating mechanic (as you said) to the infinite ammo weapons or a recharge or something like that. This should be coming soonish but not sure if it will make the next update or not.

Thanks for comment & feedback, luuk!

I'm glad that I could help out. Keep up the good work!

I know that there are already tons of positive reviews here, but I'm still gonna add mine! Of any VR game I've played this seems to have the most potential, and even though the level generator is quite repetitive I've played this game pretty much every other day since the first released alpha.

Here's some suggestions if you aren't tired of the other ones, mr. dev:

- When the SMG fires make the little batteries pop out on the right (or left, or up) instead of disappearing

- Cyber double barrel shotgun that uses big D-batteries (a normal wood furnished one would be nice too)

- Rocket launcher or some type of explosive thingamabob for those overpacked rooms

- Chaingun Dude (maybe not actually that seems annoying)


Thanks! Weapons pretty much fitting those descriptions were already planned! And the level generation will be much better in the upcoming update as that is one of the main focuses of it. Also .. the SMG batteries do pop off (up and) to the right! They disappear after about 5 seconds, though. Maybe they are flying away too fast? Or maybe you are seeing a bug? Let me know!

Thanks again!

Thank for the reply! I don't know how to never noticed the ejection, but it's there. I guess they're a bit too fast, but it's not like you would really see them in combat anyway. Keep being an awesome dev!



after playing for a bit longer I did notice you can pick up a magazine on the move. The Hitbox to pick it up though is extremely small and you have to time it just right! If the Hitbox could be a little bigger that would make it much easier!

Will do!

Game boots up fine in the Oculus and looks great, any way to play it on a 360 controller using HMD look to aim? A bit like the Doom 3 BFG VR Mod?


A non VR version is coming; maybe I can integrate a HMD only version too, if it's not too much work to add. I'll look into it!

That would be awesome and promoted on my YouTube channel. Cheers!

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This game is awesome! Just launched it through itch app and went strait to my HMD. I see nothing but good things. The art is fantastic and the shooting is excellent! I have so many ideas for games and this comes close to some of them. Almost Teleglitch in VR. This game in multiplayer with short rounds like Rocketleague. Ranking. Can go on for ever. Great game! Keep it up! Any way to stay connected? Mailing list?

Thank you very much! Teleglitch is a great game so I'll take that as a huge compliment! :)

The only way to get reliable automated notifications is to subscribe to my youtube channel for this game (it's the channel of the video at the top of the page). I'll need to look into sorting something out for notifications - sorry!

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