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Launching the game through the itch client doesn't seem to work. It shows up on desktop but not in the HMD. It might be a bit early to suggest this but have you thought about setting up a bug/suggestion tracker? Might save you some time and hassle.

There's an itch client!? I didn't even know! Thanks for the heads up. I did look into a tracker but all the ones I found cost money. Do you know of any free ones?

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Nevermind, this was by my mistake. I activated the "sandbox mode" in the itch client earlier and forgot about it. So it's not surprising that the games didn't have access to SteamVR. Deactivated it and now it works.

Here are a few bugtrackers but I believe the free ones are all self-hosted.

You could also use Trello. It's not specifically for bugtracking but should work pretty well anyway.

Thanks again. I'll look into those trackers you linked me!

I am actually using Trello right now, but it's full of all my TODO lists and planned features and I don't want to make it public because it might disappoint people when I delay or remove planned features from an upcoming update, etc. It's full of lots of "nice to have" features and if possible I don't want to over-promise and under-deliver.

Maybe I should make a separate public board for bug tracking! I'm just worried about public boards being Trolled or vandalized. Might be worth a try, though.

Been playing since the last build and created an account just to say fantastic stuff! Really, really love what you've done here. Art is great and gameplay foundation is absolutely solid. Regarding the new update, I actually didn't find SMG reloading too awkward and had gotten so used to enemies standing in place so the first time one rounded the corner RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME I jumped. The only annoying thing is the robots - missing some user feedback here and the core gameplay loop is a bit too punishing. Agree with the sound effect on alert, same with the guys. Also would be nice that once a robot spots you, you'd have a little more time to react. There's a few options here, such as having the robot's gun spin up a bit before it fires (like a minigun in other games), leaving you time to either try to take it out quickly or move out of the way, or have a way to disable the robot momentarily the moment it spots you, like having to aim for a specific body part on the bot which will buy you a little bit of time. Also if you're looking for any kind of specific help with the project I'm sure myself and other people would love to know how to contribute to this (beyond monetarily, of course)!

These suggestions are great, thank you! I especially like the idea of 'stunning' the robot by hitting it in a particular area. They do take double damage if you shoot them in the side cameras, BTW, but it doesn't slow them down.

I will work on getting better feedback, especially sounds as you mentioned.

I'm not looking for any help right now, but things will probably ramp up in production in a few months so maybe then?

Thanks for the great help and support!!


Just Amazing, but honestly the only problems I've had with the game, is that you can't pick up a MAG while moving, you can't store hamburgers like you can MAGs (It's actually a pretty bad problem, I always end up getting the Hamburger when i'm not in danger, but when I'm low health the hamburger is usually too far away.) Another problem which is probably causing the SMG troubles, is that the Instructions are very unclear about how to use it, I spent an entire ten minutes trying to attach the MAG to the bottom of the SMG, also I kind of think the little sentry guys shoot too fast. The last problem I had with the game is that the soldiers like to spam their shots at doors, which means if I try to peek out and shoot at them, I end up getting instantly killed by their bullets, the AI could use small improvements, but other than that, the AI is actually really good, In a future update it would be nice to have a randomized color scheme every game, I find playing in the same color scene over and over again a bit boring.

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Really fun game, great work. I think it's just the right difficulty. I myself was playing from seated in a chair using the artificial locomotion which worked quite well.

The SMG is really cool and fun to use, I love the reload system. Putting the magazine on top and popping the rails off is extremely satisfying to do, and feels pretty bad-ass. Props to that. I was able to figure it out in about 5 seconds.

The pistol is a great weapon, perhaps too great since the fire rate and accuracy is essentially perfect, but I found myself switching to the SMG regardless, especially to make quick work of the Security Robots.

My only complaint really is that using the side grip on the left Vive controller for the locomotion tired out my hand a bit having to hold the grip after a bit, perhaps consider adding an option to switch controls for teleport and locomotion so that the locomotion uses the trackpad, or be able to choose one mode or something. Better yet, just customization options for controls if possible.

I think you've got a good little roguelike going here, and I truly hope to see more! Continued development would definitely earn you a purchase from me on Steam if you head that way.

The grip button issue is common so I'll eventually get around to adding configurable buttons!

Thanks for the encouraging feedback!

here are my thoughts on the new update. the difficulty is perfect (if you don't teleport) and adds the sense of challenge that the previous version did not. i even challenged myself to use pistol only and even harder yet, SMG only! both i ended up winning with many times. (also lost a bunch :) you really feel BA when you slide into a room with many guys and robots and just you are left standing in the end. again i stress, if you need to teleport, this is not the game for you!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DEV do not make it easier! rather make this version the middle of the road for being hard, bring back the old way for easy, and make a PRO MODE!! :) ps. reloading the SMG in sweet once you get the hang of it! think of it as your only weapon and you will learn fast!

only issue i see that needs to be fixed is when you are walking you cannot pick up a MAG at the same time. it throws me off because i like to be always moving and oi have to stop for a split second to pick up a MAG. you can pick up a hamburger just fine on the move :)

Thanks! A 'Pro mode' of sorts is coming! A lot of people find it too difficult, so I'll add an update that adds and 'easy mode', but at the same time I'll make it so the current mode will be 'normal', and I'll add a 'hard' mode and maybe nightmare but not sure. Also configurable buttons will be a thing eventually.

do you have any thoughts on how to fix not being able to pick up a magazine while in motion?

This game is cool and promising, looking forward to see more content. Would definetly buy it once it's on Steam.

The only big flaw so far is the movement system. Onward-style trackpad movement is a handy and much less nauseating solution. It is also intuitive, allows to rapidly change the direction and speed of walking, and operate two-handed guns (I hope you do plan to add them later).


- Covers. Adding them will lower the difficulty, but in a good way.

- Explosive barrels as a cheap tactical addition.

- Lower rate of fire for pistols. Infinite ammo without a need to recharge is OK, but right now it's a superior weapon. Maybe make them overheat.

- Lower rate of fire but more damage for robots.

- Immediate respawn after death by pressing both triggers. The little delay is a little frustrating.

- Make projectiles smaller, but maybe long shaped. It would help with both dodging and adjusting fire.

- Boss fight. Even in this early stage it feels like a must in the end of the level.

- Various pipes would be a nice (and I assume, quick to made) decoration for the sewer level. Big vertical ones could act as columns to cover behind them.

- Mutant sewer rats. If you manage to catch one, you could use it instead of a burger.

- Spots where you could fall into the toxic waste and die horribly.

Great ideas, thanks!

I'm sure a million people have told you this - but you have something really special here. I've been watching you work on this over on /r/vive for months, and now I finally own a Vive. I've had it for two weeks, and this project of yours is the thing I keep coming back to and losing myself in. With a little more polish, like more forgiving hitboxes or difficulty options, I would absolutely expect to see this on Steam.

I'm eager for the lefty mode, but simply swapping controllers has worked so far. I'm also a voice actor so if you want a Patrick Stewart-esque English VO, ask away.

Good luck!

Sorry about the left-handed mode being delayed so much. If you sound like Patrick Stewart, I'm jealous! A voice like that would work well with a boss or something. I've made attempts in the past, but my wife says my Patrick Steward impersonation is complete rubbish ...

Looking forward to trying this one out. If you would like some voice acting for your game, my cast is looking for a few short projects to voice. Please get in touch for some quality voice effects and screams ;)

Absolutely great game, look forward to seeing it grow! I think right now it's a bit unbalanced. It's very easy to get caught in a room with lots of baddies or to have a baddie sneak up behind you. Some sort of cover or blocking system would be great.

Maybe a shield on the left hand that depletes after a few hits and has to recharge? I think an easier difficulty mode with more health and more frequent pickups would be good too. Maybe some invincibility frames after you're hit too, it's easy to get three bullets out of nowhere.

The SMG did have me fumbling in the heat of battle, but I like feel of the reloading. I think the pistol should have a simple reload too so I have a reason to switch. Each pistol clip has X amount of ammo, but you have infinite clips for it. Right now I stick to the pistol since it can fire forever. I think if you tone down the enemy difficulty and give the player some defense, the reloading will be a lot of fun.

I really dig the art style and sound design. Keep up the good work, I'd gladly pay for this when it's a full game!

Thanks for the C&C, and those suggestions! A shield is a great idea, I'll probably add that in the nearish future. Those other suggestions are great, too. Will try and balance and clean up things a bit more going forward.

Hi, I played this for about an hour last night for the first time and really enjoyed it. Great work. A few suggestions/observations:

The 'tunnel' parts that connect the doorways restrict being able to use cover. I use room scale but at about 1.5mx2m so moving a lot when door opens isn't really an option, so i found myself creeping forward enough to trigger the door and then holding the left controller behind me to backstep. I'd love to be able to take cover a little more. With that said...

Chest high walls/crates - Well, some sort of low cover in a room might be good, so you have to physically duck down and blind fire over something.

Dedicate the right grips to quick backstep to allow for getting out of doorways ina hurry. Maybe have it on a cooldown so it can't be abused.

Key card system like classic doom?

Patrolling guards.

LOVE the randomly generated environment. Please keep this, it makes it so replayable. If you can get maybe 3 more environments in there with their own set of quirks, then you could have a VR FPS Spelunky on your hands :)

Here is some footage I took last night:

Looking forward to the next update, well done.

Thanks! We must think alike as absolutely everything you mentioned is either already being worked on or on my TODO list. Great video, too! It's great to see other people play.

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Excellent. While we're on the subject of classic doom, maybe a secret or two dotted around might be fun, perhaps the odd health pickup hidden away. The drop rate of health pickups could be linked to the way you kill enemies, so there's a 1 in 10 chance of a health drop when killing an enemy, but a 1 in 2 if you kill by headshot/weak point.

Personally speaking i'd like it if there was only one set difficulty. Look to spelunky where the difficulty is high, put can be made easier by the way you learn the game mechanics rather than just have enemies do less/take more damage.

Great idea on the headshot thing, I'll try that! I would like to reward the player for accuracy a bit more if possible.

About the difficulty; there are other factors that don't come into play with normal games. For example, some players can use artificial locomotion, while others can't. Also, I think physical fitness and physical awareness come into play much more than regular games.

Looking at the comments here and on reddit, it seems some players find it far too easy, while others really struggle and get frustrated. In a way I agree with only having one difficulty, as there is a certain way I want the game to be and feel, but at the end of the day if people are not having fun then they won't play.

Either way I'll experiment with putting in difficulty options for now (I'll try to make them more interesting than just damage tweaks!) and see how people respond. I was thinking about having different items, etc. unlock at different difficulties, but at the same time I think it might be frustrating to be cut off from content until you 'git gud'. A good compromise might be have daily runs with leader-boards, but they are locked to the hardest difficulty only, while the content itself is the same for all difficulties.

I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud. I should give Spelunky a try and see if I can get some inspiration.

You've given me a lot to think about!

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This is awesome, I haven't played the update yet but I'll for sure be making a new YouTube video showing off the updated features! They are praising your demo over in the HTC Vive thread on NeoGAF as well by the way ;) Hey, how can we donate money to you?

Thanks! Looking forward to that video, please post it! You can't donate, but thanks! I'll put it on steam eventually, though ... :)

Just wanted to say I love the game! Do you have any plans to bring it to Steam?

I have a few hurdles to overcome before then, but eventually, yes!

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Just played the new update for a little while. The future is bright for this game! It's a ton of fun, and the new additions are great all around. However there are a few bugs and minor suggestions I have:

  • When you die, your SMG ammo doesn't reset. (e.g. Die with 3 batteries left, spawn with 3 batteries)
  • The guns still seem too far up on the controller.
  • Health is a bit too rare I think. I was having to throw away SMG mags, but played through about 4 times without finding any health.

The SMG is awesome! The sound it makes after you reload is super satisfying and badass.*cling*

Still can't wait for left-handed support, but for now just switching the physical controllers works with no problems at all.

Overall, I'm very impressed, and I can't wait to see what becomes of this game as development continues.

Congrats on the new update!


Sorry about the SMG bug, I'll fix that!

I tried moving the gun down. but the Vive controllers bang together. Rift users don't have this issue as their controllers are much smaller so maybe I should make it so it detects the Touch and moves it to a better spot on the controller. Will tweak and experiment!

It's not possible to throw away mags - if you let go, they automatically disappear into your inventory so don't worry about letting them go. Is that what you meant? Sorry if I misunderstood. I agree that health is a bit too rare, though. I'll slowly balance the game as updates come out.

Also, sorry for putting off proper left handed support for so long. It will come soonish!

Great feedback!

Great to hear! What I meant by throwing away mags (poorly worded) was that I was ignoring the ones that would spawn because my inventory was full, and never really had problems with too little ammo.

Oh I see! Thanks for clarifying that.

I wanted to let you know that i'm using the Rift and your game causes my Rift to crash/go black and then it restarts. This doesn't happen at all with other SteamVR games. Could you look into it or let me give you a log or something ? ( Happens with the old and new build of your game )

Also a very severe visual bug, it looks i get double vision meaning the game image is appearing in mid air. ( Only happens with the newest version 0.0.3a )

Whoa, that is really unexpected and worrying. Sorry!! This is the first time I've encountered this issue. Could you please post the contents of the output_log.txt file in the main_Data folder? I'll try to get to the bottom of this ASAP.

Here is the log for 0.0.3a :

And here for the previous version where the double vision bug didn't occur :

I can't find anything in those logs that stand out as problems, but I just remembered that I had that double vision issue when I was first testing out Valve's renderer that was caused by having multiple cameras in the scene but that shouldn't be an issue here. Can I please ask you a few things?

1) Do you have Steam and SteamVR running before you start the game executable?

2) Do you have SteamVR direct mode disabled?

3) Are you running the game through a Steam shortcut or running it as an admin?

4) What are your asynchronous reprojection / interleaved reprojection settings?

Try running Steam and Steam VR, disabling direct mode, disable asynchronous reprojection, enable interleaved reprojection, and run the main.exe executable straight from the folder.

Thanks for getting back with those details and sorry to put you through this. It sucks that these issues exist but it's better to find these problems sooner rather than later.

What fixed the double vision thing was starting the game from the game folder, i created a Steam shortcut previously and it didn't work that way.
Very weird. Maybe you should make the log get more information from the computer/instance of running, to find the cause of issues faster.

Here is my Gameplay feedback :

- Spawn more burgers

- Spawn less tracked robots

- Gunplay/ Gun mechanics are fine

- Add grenades

- Add a campaign influenced by Contra and Doom 1

- Add Contra and Doom Eastereggs or even levels

- Difficulty is fine

- Lessen the spread of the SMG

- Add famous 8-Bit track covers of legendary themes and songs like for example Escape from New York

Thank you so much for bringing us this game, i can't for this to become a fully fledged title that i can buy on Steam.

Love the update! The robots are a surprising challenge, and the way the AI reacts now is great. I agree with what another poster said about the robots having a sound when they detect you, sounds great.

The SMG is fun, and the barrel smoke is a nice touch.

But I feel like the pistol is angled down a little bit to my Vive controller, just a little, maybe like a degree or two off.

But other than that great job and I'm excited to see what the next part of this update brings!

Thanks! I'll keep tweaking the weapon location and angle.

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I really like the update, good job. The SMG and its reloading mechanic are great. Personally, I'd just increase the trigger volume for snapping the magazine in place a little bit so it's easier to reload while you're under fire. Even if the magazine does a little "teleporting" then, I think the tradeoff is worth it since this seems to become more of an arcade-like title rather than having emphasis on realism like in H3VR. The dropped magazines could also use a larger trigger to make them easier to pick up. The robots are awesome but I'd like to have some kind of sound when they have you in their view and get ready to fire, so you could dodge their projectiles at the last second when they sneak up from behind. Maybe that would get annoying at some point but I think it's worth a try to see if it improves gameplay. Minimap was much needed and is implemented perfectly. The new enemy behaviour really adds a lot to gameplay. I love how some soldiers duck right away when you encounter them, so it's not always easy to get a quick headshot anymore. The fact that they have senses now and help each other is great and sometimes creates very stressful situations where they "swarm" you from all sides but I still think the difficulty is appropriate. HUD is also good.

The only things I'd like to see in the next update other than more complex levels are options to change the vertical position and rotation of the guns, like you can do in Space Pirate Trainer (at least rotation).

I'm very happy with this update already and looking forward to the second part.


Comments like these are extremely valuable! Thank you! Great feedback and insightful advice. I'll get to work on all of those points that you mentioned. :D

This took my straight back to the days of Wolfenstein 3D and made me really appreciate how far we'd come. I'm really excited to see how this game grows. Amazing work. I look forward to giving you my money in the near future!

Thank you!

This is probably my favorite VR game so far. I love the movement system, after this I'm always disappointed when a game is just teleportation. Looking forward to the updates, thanks for providing this for free!

Thank you for the compliment, Aitrus! :)

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This is fantastic, I just got done playing this for about an hour, and boy its a blast!

I haven't noticed any bugs yet, so that's great!

Some things that would be great to add:

- Faster bullets? Maybe as a difficulty option, right now I find it very easy just to walk/dip/dodge the bullets, I've really only died a couple of times.

- Headshot only mode. Again only a difficulty option, but I get mostly headshots in this (so satisfying btw) so making to where I HAD to hit the head would be that much more satisfying.

- Varying levels, like the one we have now is "The Sewer" and we can have another be "The Coumpound" and it's like a futuristic castle/military base, maybe have a space-station type map with small windows to see out into space? Lots of possibilities here! All that would really take is just different textures added onto your existing generator (probably, I'm no programmer, so tell me if I need to shut up! ;))

Great job so far, and I'm really excited to see whats coming!

Thank you!

I've wanted to make the bullet faster for a while, but I also get a lot of comments that the game is too hard. It seems with VR the skill gap might be wider than usual games? Also, players who can't use artificial locomotion are at a big disadvantage, I feel. It seems that difficulty settings are absolutely required so I'll add them soon. Not sure what they will affect other than bullet speed. Probably likelihood of health replenishing items, max health, and number of enemies?

I know what you mean about how satisfying head-shots are. At the moment, headshots do triple or double damage so you can conserve on ammo with them when limited ammo becomes a thing in the upcoming update. The next version in development has different damage stats for when you shoot them in the arms and legs, BTW. I'm also thinking of rewarding the player somehow for completing a level with very high accuracy but not sure exactly where to go with this yet. Any suggestions would be great!

Yes on the varying levels! Sorry the map is so samey at the moment. Once I've fleshed out the sewers a bit more I'll be ready to reveal all the other environments I have planned. At the moment the general level progression concepts I have (in order of going up the 'compound') are sewers -> distribution center -> offices -> production -> labs -> executive but don't quote me on that as you know how things change with game development!

All this takes a lot of time as it's just me by myself but I'm dedicated to making this game a solid, fun game - eventually!

Thank you for your input and time!

Hope you don't mind, I made a video of the gameplay!

Of course I don't mind! Thanks for making a video of my game!

Also ... there's a troubling number of groin shots in that video! :P I liked the bonus bit at the end.

Great work, how can we donate to the cause?

Hi Conkrete, I hope you're having a good weekend.

I'm not accepting donations, but just the intention is great motivation for me. Thank you very much! If you would like to support me, please leave some feedback, bug reports, or suggestions. Or just drop by the comments section and leave a message, as you have! :D

Just to let you know, the new update is taking me too long so I'm going to split in into two updates. I guess I'll call them V0.0.3a & V0.0.3b. I'll release what I have soonish and release a second half, bulked up with extra features, after that. It should be out next weekend unless something goes wrong (this is gamedev; things do tend to go wrong, though!).

Have a good one!

I just went a few rounds in this game, and even in its current simplistic form, it's a lot of fun, mainly because of the fact that you're dealing with slow projectiles you can dance and dodge around rather than hitscan bullets like in most other VR FPSs. It's kinda like Police 911 (Police 24/7 for the PS2 port), but with free movement and a retro aesthetic.

I do have a few suggestions in mind:

-I'm another Oculus Rift + Touch user, and the only beef I have that pertains to that specifically is that the gun's grip angle doesn't really match up to the controller's grip angle. I can compensate for it during gameplay, but it doesn't quite feel right, you know?

For a looser estimate, I'd say that holding the gun level, the grip is angled about 45 degrees up from my hand, the whole thing is shifted about an inch to the left and two inches down from my actual hand position, and of course, the pivot point when rotating my hand does not match up, either.

-I would prefer having typical Onward/Serious Sam VR: TFE/etc. analog stick movement. The grip button is workable for general walking around, but the moment I need to backpedal because there's an enemy right on the other side of the door, it doesn't quite whip around fast enough. No, this mode of movement doesn't make me motion-sick in the slightest, and I have yet to find a preferable alternative.

-Right now, the left hand (or off-hand, really, since these games should be ambidextrous) is just completely invisible, serving no purpose other than an invisible means of locomotion. I'd suggest having some sort of wrist computer (the Pip-Boy in the Fallout titles being one of the most iconic ones) present, serving as both a mini-map (it's easy to get lost in these same-looking blocky rooms!) and an indicator of the player's remaining health. (EKG-ish readout like Blake Stone, perhaps?)

You did mention in a recent comment that looking down now shows your health in 0.0.3/0.0.4, but the currently posted build is clearly a bit behind. No health indicators, no food, no security robots and no quadcopter killdrones.


Hello, thank you for the feedback. You've raised some valid points.

- I understand what you mean about the gun location; it was too high even on the Vive controllers. I did a poor job of lining it up. I finally got hold of the Occulus Rift and Vive controller geometry data and have fixed the gun location and rotation in my private build That change will be reflected in the upcoming update when it is released.

- I agree on the difficulty of a quick 180 turn. Will look into this and maybe modify the algorithm.

- A model for the left hand (and ability to switch hands) is coming. In retrospect I should have added this much earlier. I will put some kind of placeholder there in the next update until I get to a later update (the left controller will eventually be used to access the map and inventory as you suggested. I never thought of doing a pip-boy like Fallout. Good idea!).

- The reason you can't see V0.0.3 and V0.0.4 is because I am still working on them. V0.0.3 has most of the features (security robots, SMG, health items, etc.) complete but has bugs and missing very important features. It needs work before I can release it. I was trying to explain that some of the features that people are mentioning are already done and just waiting for release but I worded it poorly. Sorry for causing you trouble.

Thank you for leaving a comment. I will try my best to get V0.0.3 out as soon as possible.

I just noticed V0.0.3a was out, so I gave it a spin.

-The SMG's battery magazines are too symmetrical, to the point where I tried putting one in backwards by accident and wondering why it wouldn't fit! You may want to slightly redesign things so it's more obvious that it only fits one way. The visual indication of ammo remaining is very good, though! It fits the aesthetic and isn't immersion-breaking.

Also related to SMG reloading, I learned the hard way with a security bot closing in that just because it's loaded doesn't mean it'll fire until the rails are popped off with the same stick/trackpad that pops your batteries off! Cue much swearing, death, and a hard lesson learned for later sessions.

Other commenters have mentioned that the SMG ammo is oddly persistent between games, so I'm sure you'll get on that.

-The gun rotation point is more or less where it should be for Oculus Touch, but the guns themselves are still about two or three inches too high in virtual space, throwing off my natural sense of aim yet again.

They're also rather huge in general, such that I'd probably have difficulty gripping real life replicas of the guns to scale as I see them. Word is that the overall world scale perception differs a little between the Rift and Vive, which probably doesn't help matters.

-Gun smoke looks pretty neat already, and it could be a good visual indicator of weapon overheating should you decide to introduce such a mechanic. It's already been suggested as a way to balance out the pistol against the new SMG, which I only break out when there's a security bot or an overwhelming amount of dudes in a small room. Gotta make that ammo count!

-The minimap is a much appreciated addition! It's pretty huge and thus readable, but it also highlights that a Pip-Boy style rendition would need to be either much smaller or holographically projected like Star Citizen mobiGlas.

-Your AI enhancements are no joke in this version; I've actually had soldiers and bots come through doors now, so I can't expect those to silence any chaos on the other side! They don't always come through the doors in the room you just blasted some dudes in, either, so it's like they know how to flank. Keep an ear open - it might just be the thing that keeps you from getting ambushed!

Not only that, but soldiers actually kneel when shooting now, making it unlikely that you can simply duck past their oncoming fire and also forcing you to compensate for that much-needed headshot. Good touch there.

It's made the game much more tense overall, especially during one game when I opened a door out of the starting room and had like four or five guys ALL facing my direction in a long hallway, with the potential to alert even more guys in nearby rooms.

Now let's see what V0.0.4 brings... proper analog stick/trackpad movement, hopefully?

Wow that's a lot of feedback. Thanks for taking the time to write this for me!

I'll see about the magazine rotation, maybe an arrow or something not sure.

Sorry about the SMG ammo bug, I forgot to fix it before uploading. It'll be fixed in the next update I promise!

I tried lowering the gun but the controllers bang together when reloading so I moved it back up a little bit for now. My plan is to move it back down to a more natural spot when I have the game detect left or right handedness, and have the magazine on an angle and to the right of the controller (or left for a left handed person). Sorry for the current (temporary) duct-tape & bubblegum solution!

Overheating is a good idea and I think I'll add it to the infinite ammo weapons to balance them a bit better.

Oh I totally forgot about making the mini map like the pip-boy! I'll probably do that at some point soon but can't promise it will make the next update.

Analog trackpad movement is coming as it's highly requested, probably in 0.0.4 as you say, but part two of the combat update (v0.0.3b) will arrive before that. Sorry, my TODO list is huge! Good progress is being made, though. Yesterday was very productive.

Thanks for all the great suggestions!

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Dude, watching my 10-year old dip dive duck and dodge around my living room playing this was so awesome and gratifying! My first 3D shooter was Wolfenstein 3D back in the day so seeing him get started in VR on such a similar game...why it warms my heart! Thank you for this!

As for the game, wow this is ridiculously entertaining for a single level! My son actually beat me to winning it first! He was like "aww that's it?" and I had to explain this guy on the other side of the world was doing this in his spare time. He was like "oh wow, well this is awesome! I can't wait for more!"

Only real feedback that hasn't been mentioned is I'd like to see collisions on the ceiling too, It's very minor but would be cool. Maybe if you add some annoying bats to come peck at you you can fix it at that time? Hah that would be freaky, you're facing a room of soldiers and some bats come down from the ceiling to harass you! Anyway, there's my thoughts.

Take care of yourself over there! Looking forward to the next alpha 0.0.3! P.S. it would be nice if maybe you add a bit more health to yourself.

Thank you! I'm glad that my little game was able to provide fun even though it's still so bare bones. :D Sorry there is so little to it at the moment. I'm working on it!

I've already fixed the ceiling issue so that will be in the next update. About the bat idea - I actually have something very similar planned! ...But it's coming in version 0.0.4. Not exactly bats but little quadrotor drones that zip around. The new enemy in the upcoming V0.0.3 update is a tough security robot, and I've added an SMG with a high rate of fire and physical reload ability to help fight it, though it's not necessarily a straight upgrade to the pistol.

Also, about adding health; I have finished adding health restoring items (food that you eat) that replenish HP for V0.0.3, and difficulty options are probably coming for V0.0.4. Also, now you can see how much HP you have remaining when you look down.

I've still got a few more features to add, then I'll get some more bugs out of the way and the new update will be done!

Hey man, I played your game and seeing that it is just in its baby stages, it is very promising. I'm just curious as to what way you are going to go with this. Is there gonna be a boss at the end and then you go to the next floor (kinda "The Binding of Isaac" style) or are you going to do completely different? Also, if you ever need help with anything or more feedback, I'd be happy to contribute!!

Hi, thanks for trying my game!

I'm not sure about having a boss at the end of every map, but there will probably be several bosses as you go up the levels, eventually! I'm making it up as I go so who knows what it'll eventually end up like. My big inspiration is Nuclear Throne so maybe something like that if it works but I'll have to experiment.

For what I'm doing in the short term; I just finished implementing a new weapon and a new enemy, and I'll be focusing on refining the gameplay a bit more and squashing bugs and problems before I release the new update. The update after that will probably be focused on improving the environment and maybe adding a new level but that might get pushed back depending on what kind of feedback I get and what bugs turn up.

If you have any suggestions or issues, please let me know! Much appreciated!

Really awesome game already. I have spent more time in this than every other VR game simply because of how fun and flawless the gameplay is, even though being as simple as it is. I was hoping for a game like this to pop up and am relieved that not only it already exists but also has "passion project" written all over it. Looking forward to see where you decide to go with this. As a little suggestion, I'd appreciate if you could include the build version on this page.

Stay motivated, you are definitely on the right track here!


Thank you very much!! Excellent idea about the build version; I'll make sure to do that from the next update.

I keep refreshing for update... ;) If you are in need of some more motivation, please watch the video of my friends wife eating the ground while playing compound lolzz

(3 edits)

Ouch... Maybe my game isn't isn't a good choice for people who are not used to VR! If you subscribe to the Compound update channel on Youtube ( you can get information on updates in your subscription feed so you don't have to check this page all the time. Thanks!

EDIT: Fixed link

lol yeh your probably right. I have subscribed now. Cheers

please make a paid version so we can give you money!! i love the game! i would love to see a full campaign and multiplayer. on the other hand starting it off for free to get advice is also a great idea! only advice would be to get it on steam so you can get more users and different feedback. Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you so much for your kind support! My dream is to be an indie game dev as my full time job, and to put my games on steam, but right now I just need to focus on making good games that are worthy of people's hard earned cash. TBH this game is still in the 'proof of concept' phase. There needs to be a much more complex game loop and much, much more variety and quality-of-life features before I would feel comfortable charging any money for this.

Long story short - eventually, yes! But not yet! If you would like to support me now, all I ask is that you try my game after every update and leave some feedback here on how to improve the game. I appreciate any kind of feedback, especially when people point out any mistakes, oversights, or areas that are not consistent or up-to-scratch. Feature requests are also welcome!

Have a great day!!!!

how do I know when you update the game?

(3 edits)

Um .. good question! Does tell you about updates to games you are subscribed to? If not, I always post updates to my youtube channel ( and r/vive on reddit.

EDIT: fixed link

youtube says

This channel does not exist

when i click on the link...

Oops! I accidentally put a bracket on the end of the URL. Sorry! Here is the fixed version:

I'm really not sure how experienced at gamemaking you are or how far into planning you've got but, this:

Is something that would definitely fit well in your game. You would probably have to adapt a little because of the control scheme but I'm sure you can do it. My only regret is not owning a VR Set.

Great video and channel! I subscribed.

I had seen a similar analysis of Doom's mechanics but this video did a much better job of communicating it and I got a bunch of new ideas. Thank you for sharing this.

While it is a shame you don't have a headset, just remember that like every technology they'll start coming down in price and size at the same time as getting more sophisticated. I bet the VR headsets everyone will have in a few years will not only be cheaper, they'll make the current ones look like toys. It is very early days for VR so there's no hurry! :D

(1 edit)

I absolutely love this game. The art is great, music is stellar, and the gameplay is super fun. Is there any chance of an update soon? I know you're working hard to get a lot of features in, just curious where you're at.

Thanks so much for all your great work.

Edit: Is there any way I can help out with beta testing?

I can't put a date on the update that I can stick to, but maybe in 2 weeks? Could be earlier, could be later!Also, the code is in a middle of a rewrite at the moment so I can't give you a preview build of the next update, sorry!

Thanks for the kind words!

Maan this game is awesome, even if so simple and not so developed but already so fun! I look forward for a full game!!

Compliments . ;)

I had a really difficult day struggling with adding new enemies and improving the A.I. (lots of pull-your-hair-out moments) but the positive comments are a great source of motivation. Thank you!

Hold on mate, don't give up!

I love this! It's so different and fun. The artifitial locomotion and teleporting combined reminds me a little of fighting in Dishonored with the idea of attacking then blinking to make the enemy lose sight.

A few ideas

  • Put a cool down on teleporting based on distance warped. It helps keep people from teleporting super fast around the place.
  • Guards that do patrols would be super cool! Also adjust thier AI since you can kill a guard in the room yet no other guards notice you until you walk in thier sight.
  • Show a hand or the controller for the left hand. Kinda a small nitpick but it would be nice.
  • A followup for the hand would be to allow punching/melee, especially if there is a plan for knives or swords, or use the other hand for dual weilding to get the ultimate bada** experience.

I can't wait to see what you add to this game!


Thank you! And roger on those feature requests. I will experiment with a teleport cooldown. I was just working on having the guards move around a lot more today so expect more interesting behavior from them (and the new security robot enemy) in the upcoming update. Also thinking about what to do with the left hand - there will be something there probably in the next update but won't promise just in case I decide to push that feature to another update. Thanks for the feedback!

Love the artstyle, really brings you back to the old days of shooters and it's a nice mix between that and wearing a Virtual Reality Headset :) Well done!
Can't wait for future updates! <3

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Wow thanks for the beaming review. Your play-style is similar to mine - keep moving and go for head shots! You mentioned about randomness in the video: yes, the maps are 100% randomly generated every run. Eventually there will be much much more randomly generated variety but sorry that everything looks the same at the moment. I'm working on it!

The next update is coming along well - the new weapon (battery powered SMG) is done and it's really fun to shoot. The model for the new enemy is also done and just needs to be given A.I. I don't want to say when It'll be done in case I over shoot my deadline so I'll just say soonish!

Thanks again!

This is freaking AMAZING. The aesthetic is incredible and very pleasing to experience in VR. The biggest thing that keeps me from playing for longer periods of time is the fact that when you respawn, you get dropped from above. Even though you only get dropped from about a foot off the ground, it still makes me dizzy. I had other people play this as well and they all complained about being dropped during a respawn and how it made them feel sick. Please, please, pretty please consider respawning the player WITHOUT the little drop it currently has. I can't wait to see updates to this like new weapons, shields, etc! Amazing job!

Sorry, I didn't think about that drop; I added it to my TODO list and I'll have it fixed by the next update! If you want a (very crappy) solution for the mean time, try closing your eyes for a few seconds after you die or win the round so you don't see the slight drop when you respawn.

Luckily I don't seem to get nausea from VR anymore so it's easy for me to forget about these sorts of things. Feedback like yours is very useful to make sure I make a game that everyone can play.

Thank you! Please let me know if you notice anything else in upcoming updates.

(1 edit)

You're right about the solution and oddly enough my daughter figured out that she should just close her eyes during a respawn and somehow I did NOT think of that, hahaha. Thanks for keeping in touch with the community and interacting with us, that's always a great trait for a dev to have! I just wanted to add one more thing: whatever it is about the artstyle of the game, I swear it seems to be the most clear and crisp game I've experienced in VR so far. I can't make out any sort of screendoor effect even if I tried, everything is just very vibrant and I get immersed so easily because of that. Take your time with development and make sure to always have fun with it and enjoy what you're doing, we don't want you getting burned out and stuff : ) I'll be making a YouTube video of me playing this so that I can hopefully help Compound get some more exposure (me and my piddly little 40 subscribers lol). Keep up the great work!

The reason it looks crisp is that the game is so graphically simple I can use all the left over computing power to crank up the MSAA as much as possible. Full credit to the guys at Valve who provided the Adaptive Quality Renderer!

Many games trade MSAA for more polygons or better lighting effects. I can understand why but I don't believe it's worth it at the moment with the low resolutions of current HMDs. In about 5 years I guess the tech will get better and jaggies will stop being such an issue. I can't wait to see what the VR industry will evolve into!

I don't think I'll burn out any time soon; I'm really enjoying myself! Next update is probably more than half way done!

Looking forward to that video!

Deleted 4 years ago
(2 edits)

Here's my simple and quick video I made. I originally had an intro where I briefly talked about the game in detail but I accidentally deleted it off my camera and then I had to record the gameplay footage 3 times due to technical errors which sucks because my first recording might have been my best >_< Anyway, more exposure is always good even from an amateur YouTuber like myself!

Nice video! I really appreciate these videos and I learn something every time someone uploads one - I noticed the game is too hard for teleport players and too easy for artificial locomotion players because the A.I. is too dumb to hit a moving target. I think I'll add difficulty settings or change the enemy's aiming algorithm probably in the next update or the one after. Thanks for sharing and helping me make a better game! :D

This was so damn fun! I played it on my Oculus Rift with Touch controllers and it worked perfectly. I can't wait for there to be more to it!

The experimental locomotion toggle was rather sickening, but the manual use of it was great. It would've been nice to use the other thumbstick to rotate our position. I don't have a perfect room scale setup just yet, so I don't always have the best tracking when fully turned around. I made do, just woulda been a nice option. ;)

All in all I absolutely can't wait to see more of this!

Thanks! I haven't been able to get my hands on an Oculus Touch to do testing so sorry if it's a bit of a rough experience using that equipment at the moment. At some point (in the near future I hope!) I'm going to be adding options to change the control configuration, handedness, etc. In that update I'll add the option to use the controllers to rotate in 90 degree increments somehow I think.

Great feedback, thank you!

Actually it's a wonderful experience. The only gripe I have really is that the gun isn't properly "attached" to the touch controller. I'm not really sure how to best describe it, but basically it seems like it's pivoting around a point that isn't actually on the controller (which isn't entirely surprising given that the Vive's controllers have a considerably different shape). So for the most part it doesn't really feel like I'm actually holding the gun. It isn't so off that I can't play the game, because I absolutely can, but it's noticeable. It's most noticeable when I hold the controller upside-down.

It would be awesome if we could actually pick up the gun and hold it (using the grip buttons), and perhaps even have a holster or something for it. Though that might get understandably tricky if you're planning to add more weapons that we can keep with us like old games this seems kinda inspired by (which would be even more awesome!). It would make need for a hand toggle option unnecessary though.

I also noticed you asked another Touch user what the teleporting was like, so I figured I might as well tell you about that too. The left controller handles all of the movement. The slightest touch of the analog stick displays the teleport arc, and clicking it teleports you to where you were aiming. The grip button is the manual locomotion, with you moving in the direction the controller is facing. The Y button is the "experimental" auto-move locomotion. And the trigger on the right controller shoots the gun. So everything functions exactly the same as the Vive controllers do as far as I can tell (and as I honestly expected it to).

As before, I can't wait to see more of this! <3

Oh I never thought about the location of the gun on different controllers! I'll need to figure out a way to make it detect what controller you are using and use the appropriate pose. I added it to my Todo list! And thanks for mentioning the teleport feature; it seems it works OK which is a relief. Thank you for the helpful advice!

Made an account just to post that I love this game. The locomotion is a little confusing on the Oculus Touch, but I can't wait to see what you do with it. I really love the 16 bit style

Thank you very much! As you can see in the other comments, I've had a lot Oculus users say similar things.

I need to find someone in my area with a Rift and Touch controllers to test with to make it better... problem is I live in very small agricultural town in rural Asia where most people haven't even heard of VR. I will be going to a game developer conference thingy in a while and there will be other VR devs bringing their equipment there so if I don't find anyone by then I can always test it there.

How does the teleporting work with the Touch? Can you see the arc that shows you where you end up after you teleport?

On Oculus, you see the teleport hologram when you push the left thumbstick in the down direction. And then when you click the thumbstick in, it teleports.

Thanks for getting back to me! I'm glad that it seems to work although I really need to get my hands on some touch controllers. I'm also told that the position for the gun is wrong for the Touch controllers? The Vive controllers are pretty huge I think compared to the Touch and the centers are in different locations so that needs a fix. Time to get back to work on the new security robot ...

On Oculus, you see the teleport hologram when you push the left thumbstick in the down direction. And then when you click the thumbstick in, it teleports.

I've been in love with this game since it was a gif on reddit, then "weekend project", then this, then hopefully a full release! This is the most fun I've had in a free "tech demo", keep up the good work!

Thanks evorm! I've been working on it a lot recently; the new update will have a bigger impact on gameplay than the last one. I'm doing the 3D models right now, then I'll get cracking on the code and bug squashing.

UhhhhhhhHHHHHH! This game is so good. Cant wait for more!

will post more thoughts soon


Hey I am in love with your game, even with the small amount of content so far. I can imagine with levels and a small story this game would be top of the top. It brings me back to my snes days but puts me inside. it's so cool please keep it up!

(1 edit)

Thanks! A big update is on the way that will overhaul the combat and add a new enemy and weapon. Just finished the enemy model yesterday but there is much more to do so will take another few weeks.

I was itching to see a new update and re visited the homepage to check for an update. I didn't realize you had replied. I've been reading all your replies to everyone and im excited to see this game progress just like everyone else has told you. I'm very curious why you are the only developer who has touched base with this genre of gaming. I'm very surprised actually. I feel VR would be main stream had we a ton of retro style games like this instead of the wave shooters and things people have pushed out

Thanks again!

I don't know why, either! Considering how saturated the market is with FPS games, I figured VR FPS games would already be everywhere. The reason I started making this game is because I wanted to play something like this and no-one else seemed to be doing it. Maybe lots of good games are in development but they're just not announced yet? Valve seems to have something up their sleeves but who knows what genre it is.

Thanks for stopping by! The first half of the combat update is pretty much done and unless disaster strikes it should be out on Sunday!

Cant wait. I hope you'll be releasing this on steam for some money. I'm sure plenty of people are eager to fund this game and future games from you like this

That's really encouraging! I would like to put it on steam once it is much further along in development, but there will always be a free version. I'm just preparing to release the new update today; putting together instructions, checking for last minute bugs or mistakes, recording video, etc. Might be up in a few hours (fingers crossed).


just wanted to say you have done a great job so far, very intuitive and satisfying. Will play any updates that come along on my setup, Vive + GTX 970. Its usually the first game i chuck people in when show casing VR! It almost resulted in a smashed tv the other night but never mind lol. Keep up the good work fella.

Thank you!

Luckily nothing broke - the Vive subreddit is full of smashed monitors so it can probably happen easily. I came close to breaking my HMD when I ran into a wall once!

lullzzz well it seems i spoke to soon..

Hahah well it seems i spoke to soon.. while trying my hardest last night to beat a small girl at dodgeball on rec room, i proceeded to throw the ball as hard as i could at her head... but my living room tv was right infront of me lol controller survived though lol.. hope your work is going well

Oh ... well I hope at least your hand and the Vive are OK!? Maybe try moving the play-space bounds in a bit?

Have fun and be safe! (^^)b


Working perfectly on Oculus Touch! Click in the left stick for teleportation, grip button for artificial locomotion, and X for the experimental (little barfy, but glad it's a choice). Really hoping you keep this going, it's got a lot of potential and a nice personality!

Thank you so much, that's great news! If you have time, please try the updates as the come out and leave your feedback. As far as I know you are the first Oculus Touch user to try my game! Much appreciated!

Following on itch and subscribed on youtube, so I'll hop on any updates, as long as you don't fix the ability to stick my hand through a wall and cheese the enemies haha

Haha, thanks! Can't guarantee I'll leave that "feature" in forever, though!

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