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The awesome retro soundtrack for this project was created by the talented and friendly SPEEDBLACK (previously known as Max Thadius). Go check out his soundcloud.

Hello again! COMPOUND is now available in Early Access on Steam, here. This time I've totally revamped controls for Rift players and updated pretty much every area of the demo:

New Major Features:

Snap Turning & Full Rift / Touch Support (including A/X buttons)
Weapon - Railgun
Weapon - Shotgun
Map - Vaccine Warehouse (Featuring new music from SPEEDBLACK) (Not in Demo)
Map - Profit Management (Offices) (Not in Demo)
Enemy - Flying Drone
Enemy - SMG Solider
Enemy - Shotgun Soldier (Not in Demo)
Wrist Mounted Map / HUD
Most Objects Destroyable
Shooting Range
Weapons Tutorial

New Minor Features:

Weapon drops
Pickup / throw / drop weapons
New pain animation
New win / lose animations
VR option setup wizard on first boot
Complete menu overhaul
More comfort options
More control options
Volume options
Hand animations

Improvements / Modifications:

Teleport mechanic more reliable
Enemy projectiles improved
Explosion damage now blocked by walls Sound overhaul - all bullets, clips, etc. make sounds when they hit the floor
Enemies do less friendly fire


Fix holes in solider hitboxes
Fix enemy weapon sounds cutting out
Sounds no longer cut out / distort
Enemies no longer stuck on objects
Fix insta-win maps with no enemies


COMPOUND v0.1.0 demo 39 MB

Development log


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Would bank on Quest but is it going to happen??? I think silence from dev on this means a surprise drop one of these days :)


Does this work on quest? Maybe not but are you considering? If so can I install with my phones sidequest app?

The demo won't download.

Is there a trick to getting to do so?

Just get the demo from Steam馃憣


Is there an oculust quest 2 version in the works?  Standalone (non tethered) and a decent display would be fantastic with this game.  I enjoyed it on the vive/pc but would love a new version.


i second this that would be amazing on sidequest.


yo man, you could put this incredible game in psvr

First off, my brother and I LOVE the game! You have done a fantastic job and each updates makes it even better! I just wanted to put a bug in your ear and ask for a Quest vir- just kidding xD what I really wanted to say was a few ideas I had.

1) add the bow to the vanilla game (without a mutation) I figured a way to balence the bow would be for there to be 3-5 arrows available with a 3-5 second cool down/recharge on each arrow (if that makes sense) kinda similar to the new blue laser gun.

2) More arrows! We would LOVE to see more arrows for the bow! A few ideas are "heat seeking" arrows so they hone in on enemies. Energy arrows that shoot perfectly straight and gravity does not effect them, with the fun game mechanic where they pin enemies to surfaces. And another idea was an electric arrow, that when shot at the ground or wall, it emits an electrical area of effect!

3) LIGHTSABERS! (Or "laser sword") Now hear me out, we actually thought this through. Not only would it be super fun, but it can also be balanced. the enemy projectiles move at a slow enough rate to where you would be able to react to to them with say a laser sword. Being able to block the rounds fired at you. BUT just holding the sword up and blocking the lasers will NOT block them back to the enemy, rather it will send them in random directions. ONLY WHEN you actually hit a bullet back, will the projectile go back to the enemy hurting/killing them. Obviously you should be able to hit enemies with it if you can get close enough (maybe slicing body parts off?). And also it would be awesome if we could have different colored blades. I would understand if this needed to be a mutation only, but I would still love to see it in the game!

I hope this post wasn't too long, maybe it gave you some ideas. All in all I love your game and can't wait to see you what you do with it in the near future!

how can I change the movement type? I used teleport but don't like it, would really like to change.


Really want this on Quest. Unteathered version would be amazing.


I love this game. I play all the time on my Rift. My Cousin just purchased a quest and this game would be great for his quest system. You should make this Quest compatible. I see a lot of people online that are looking for this as well.


Hey there, Compound looks like an astounding game and i wanted to inquire on behalf of SideQuest about how open to a Quest VR port you may be. If you do decide to at any point consider a Quest port we do hope you will consider contacting us or our discord https://discord.me/sidequestvr
With SideQuest you can easily set up a listing for Quest users and link it directly to Itch.io for easy testing, distribution and installation. Users can install with a couple of simple button clicks and if you so choose you can have your game purchasable though SideQuest listings by setting a price on Itch.io, Listing a game on SideQuest is also completely free we have a very large and fast growing user base that i hope may help you reach many more users if you decide to port your game at any point. We also have a statistics tracker system that lets you track downloads, views and more. If you are at all interested there is more information on how one can submit an application or game to SideQuest here: https://github.com/the-expanse/SideQuest/wiki/How-To-Submit-Games

And for an example of a listing currently on us using Itch integration you can see here: https://sidequestvr.com/#/app/358

We hope you have an awesome day whatever the case and wish the best to you and your game no matter where VR may take you.

how i can download it

Click the big blue download button.

Perfectlly works on WMR! There are a few enamies and guns, but it still really enjoyable game.

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i tried the demo i look forward to getting the game im really glad you guys went through with making this into a full fledged game

Hey there, I followed this game since its demo release here on Itch and recently bought the game on Steam. Just wanted to say you did an amazing job and made one of the most fun VR games available right now. 

The only issue I have is that the "double tap to drop" does not work yet for Index controllers. 

I'm looking forward to see what you create in the future, cheers!


Port to Oculus Quest, get lots of money.



I've played this game since it's alpha, and I *need* an Oculus Quest port!  Take my money!


quest version pls!!


yes!!! Please make a quest version!


Dear Developer, Im itchying to buy this game for Oculus Quest! Make it happen!


laughter off in the distance


Oculus quest support would be awesome !


This VR game is one of the best! Do you plan to port it to the Oculus Quest? I would buy it!

Nice game, like the retro feel. Just did a video on the itch.io version. Will need to check out the Steam version as it seems like it has a lot more updates. I used a Windows Mixed Reality and all seemed to work well.


I would buy it if I could play it on the oculus quest. Please port it.

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I would buy an Oculus quest if this were available.  I have the demo from when it was initially released, running on my HTC Vive.  This would be a great game to bring to a mates house to show off retro gaming style, done brilliantly in VR, with no PC required.  Please make it happen.


Just got the oculus quest, great console. I would love to see this on quest. Much love.



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Hi there!
big fan of your game!
Growing up in the early 90's this is basically my childhood fantasy and it has given me so much joy allready.

Question: any chance of releasing on the Oculus Quest?? - This game seems like the ultimate quest game!


LOVE where this is going so far. It needs a boss at the end, like the cyborg CEO of the corporation making the virus. Maybe he gives you a special gun or armor or something for the next loop... maybe it should get harder each loop somehow...

Can you make a mac version of this?

He can't, the mac does not run VR software.

Have you thought about doing a normal version in addition to vr?

Hey! I just tried the demo and it is AWESOME!

I wanted to play something like this in vr for a long time!

One question, I am a Windows Mixed Reality owner and I couldn't configure to use the left stick(not the touchpad) for my player movement, is there anyway to do that? Thank you!

I was immediately attracted to the art stile of this game when I saw the screen shots... Then I saw the video and it's in VR. Unfortunately I can't imagen I'll be getting VR any time soon, if ever. So that's pretty disappointing.

I wish this was accesible for us windows users...


@JonatBender I assume you mean Windows Mixed Reality?  If so I've been playing it flawlessly for a few days now through SteamVR.  Have you gotten SteamVR working yet?  

Finally an update! & finally we can buy it! Thanks so much :*

I see you put out an Early Access version on Steam, I'd like to support you and want to put money in your pockets rather than Steam's if at all possible

Are you going to sell the game here too any time soon, or would you rather I get the Steam version?

Thank you, Gaeel! I don't have any plans to release on itchi.io in the near future as I want to keep things simple for now. please go visit my Steam page. Thanks again!


This game is the best VR experience i had to this date ! Keep going with  this !

Needs a turn around function man, i'm not in 360 it's not really playable for me, it's sad because i like this game !

Just wanted to say you still have one of the best running and immersive vr games i have played to date, you chose the graphic style sensibly to accommodate our current VR headset capabilities and for that reason the game feels and runs excellent and fluid. I played this not long after you released on Itch and still jump on especially to show others the potential of VR gaming. Im glad your on steam now and hope you can continue the awesome work. 

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Just downloaded for my Rift the other day. The game looks amazing and controls awesome. But, because I usually only do front facing with minimal physical turning around, it's not really playable for me just yet. Looking forward to a turning update soon, and please add a jump ability (I can't express how disappointing it is to not be able to jump in certain games). I play Serious Sam in full locomotion and it is one of the best VR experiences I have ever had. I'm a firm believer that we can get used to anything we want to if we keep at it. I make it a point to play games that make me uncomfortable and now almost nothing in VR makes me uncomfortable or sick. Options are good. Keep up the good work, this game looks fantastic!

Yo... this is dope.  You certainly know your way around sprytile.

Just gave it a spin with Windows Mixed Reality and it currently has unplayable low performance.  I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that it is running the WMR software underneath SteamVR underneath the game itself. 

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